How to Select a Perfect Niche

How to Select a Perfect Niche

The selection of a perfect Niche is an important and decisive part of your blogging. A perfect niche may decide the direction and pace of your blogging and earning. So this is very important to spend a little time on niche research to maximize the output of your blog.

Nowadays most beginner bloggers want to start their own blog to earn online money either from Adsense, Affiliate marketing, Online Courses, online coaching, or any other similar products.

But the bitter truth is that most of the beginners left their blog abandon within a few months.

But why?

This may be due to some possible reasons as

If the topic or niche of the blog is not of the blogger’s interest. They just started a blog after watching successful personalities interview on Youtube or reading their income reports.

Such type of enthusiastic bloggers just wants to start a blog in a hurry without a proper understanding of the niche, SEO, content writing, promotional approach, etc. Expertise may be gained through learning if the topic is of blogger’s interest.

Some bloggers select a niche without proper market research, earning potential, trends, and the nature of targeted users, etc.

Most of the bloggers have higher earning expectations within 2 to 3 months. So they lose hope very soon when expectations turned down.

Some beginners learn a lot but never implement these learning into their blogs.

So it is strongly advisable for beginners to do proper research on the best suitable niche idea. We want to make you earning bloggers within months not in years.

What is a Niche

A niche is a super-targeted group of peoples who are looking for specific products or content.

As per the blogging aspect, A blog niche is a specific topic to write content for your blog. 

As per Wikipedia, “A niche market is the subset of the market on which a specific product is focused. The market niche defines the product features aimed at satisfying specific market needs, as well as the price range, production quality, and the demographics that it is intended to target. It is also a small market segment.”

In other words, a niche is a group of peoples who share similar needs, problems ( Hair fall, Acne, weight lose, etc), Locations (like USA, UK, India), Interests (like Online earning, soccer, travelling). language.

For Example, Beauty and Personal Care is a popular category on This category has a different Niche and further many Micro niches.

Select a Perfect Niche

Markets and Niches

Some examples are:-

Health Market has Niches and Micro niches in Diet, Nutrition, Meditation, Weight Loss, etc

Finance Market –  Investment (Mutual Fund, Equity, FD, etc), Real Estate, Tax consultant, etc

Sports – Different sports and allied products like instruments, rules, gadgets, accessories, supplements, medicines, etc.

Lifestyle and Hobbies niches like Yoga, Fitness, Motivation, Travel, Mountaineering, Cycling, etc.

Education niches cover like different Courses, University courses, Jobs, Online Digital Marketing Courses.

How to Select Perfect Niche 

Salient Features for Niche Selection

For best results in blogging, the niche should be of your interest, hobbies, or expertise. It generates your continuous dedication to your blog and prevents you from the premature shutdown of your blog in the starting phase.

Profitability of Niche

Earning potential of a particular niche based on trends, a number of visitors, price of the product ( in case of affiliate marketing), etc. 

For example, Suppose your hobby is Horse Riding. You can earn money in this niche but it takes more time compared to promoting FMCG products for amazon affiliates.

So sometimes your hobby doesn’t work effectively to earn money online quickly. Do proper research on a niche if you really want to earn quick online earnings.

Coverage of the Niche

Your niche should not be too wide or too narrow. You can judge this by writing 8 to 10 quality content for a particular niche in advance prior to publishing your website. Select a perfect niche that has appropriate coverage in terms of traffic and profitability.

Although through blogger showcases their thoughts, ideas, or products to the digital world through blogging but the ultimate aim is to reach and monetization of blog, website, or e-commerce store. 

Niche as per Type of Monetization

Select your niche according to your website monetization methods like 

Monetization through displaying ads (AdSense or other third party advertisements)

Earning affiliate revenue through different affiliate marketing niches in the field of digital marketing, Tourism and Hospitality, Education, or any other niche.

Online earning by selling products, Learning Courses, Books, Tips and tricks, and anything else.  

Research on Competition Level

Select 10 niche topics in your SpreadSheet as per your interest, the profitability of niches, and the earning method. 

Narrow down your niche topics by research on Social media pols, Forums like Quora, and existing competitors in your niche idea.

Make a spreadsheet of your competitors for niche search volume, keywords, find their content quality, presentation, SEO techniques, etc, and then analyze your space in the crowd. 

Test Your Niche Idea

Before the final step, test your niche idea by answering different questions on a variety of niche related forums, Quora, Google Q&A. If you find yourself comfortable by giving answers your are ready for that niche.  

Final Shape Your Niche Idea.

Competition is everywhere whether it is an online or offline niche, but you have to make your presence as per your capabilities, potential, implementation of learning, and marketing & promotional strategies. Select a perfect niche by keeping all parameters in mind.

If you believe you’ve found a business idea you can invest yourself into, take the plunge. The learning and growth that comes from doing will be far greater than the rewards of just planning.

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