Plugins in WordPress: An Overview

Plugins in WordPress

WordPress is the most used and easy Content Management System. It is widely used by bloggers, business owners, affiliate marketers, and creators. WordPress is known for its versatility and easy functionality.

But what makes WordPress a so easy, handy and attractive CMS?

Well, Different plugins in WordPress blog, Themes template, Widgets, and Tools makes WordPress a perfect CMS. Around 30% of websites use WordPress CMS across the globe. We’ll give an overview of WordPress plugins in this article.

What are WordPress Plugins

WordPress Plugins is a group of Softwares written in PHP programming language to perform specific functions. Theses plugins can be integrated seamlessly within WordPress as useful tools. 

Plugins give ample freedom to users to add a variety of features without knowing any specific coding or programming language. By using the plugin, users can enhance the functionality of their WordPress websites.

There are thousands of free plugins are available in the WordPress Plugin Directory. Like WordPress itself, These plugins are programmed in PHP by many Software industries and developers.

Free plugins for WordPress have some limitations of functionality. You have to make a purchase for the premium functionality and technical support of a free plugin.

But for students, beginners, or small businesses, initially, these free plugins are a very good option to start. Users can upgrade any plugin any time as they grow or need of upgrade version of a free plugin. 

Plugins are not only meant for WP, but also for different IT Softwares, Automated instrument & machinery, and for many fields.

Types of Plugins

There are mainly two types of plugins namely

Web Browser Plugins

Web browser plugins are commonly known as Browser Extensions or add-on. These Web Browser plugins or Extensions are created exclusively for a specific browser only. For example, we cannot integrate any ‘Chrome Extension’ for Mozilla or Internet explorer or vise versa.

These extensions can be easily added within the browser to read specific coding written in a certain format. These give fast results and save user’s a lot of time.

For example, Ubersuggest Chrome Extension by Neil Patel is a wonderful extension. This Chrome extension useful as a mini SEO tool to get keywords, its volume, CPC, domain score, Domain traffic, and different charts, etc. We can get all results on the search page itself.

WordPress plugins

WordPress plugins are similar to App which make your WordPress website perform specific functions on your web page without knowing any coding or language.

We can use different plugins or add ons for social media, SEO, email marketing, advertisement, WordPress Optimization Plugins, and many more. Without these different plugins, it is difficult to extend the full functionality of our WordPress website.

Quality of Good WordPress Plugins

Although Plugins are gems for a WordPress website, but all plugins are not the same in terms of usability and quality. For example, some poor quality plugins may slow down your website and impact negatively on SERP.

These poor quality plugins may contain bugs and may cause a security threat. Even some of the plugins may slowdown your website loading speed

So always check user reviews prior to installing and plugin. 

Categories of Plugins in WordPress

WordPress is home for thousands of free and pro plugins in different categories. Any user can pic any plugin in any category as per their need. 

Broadly, we can divide plugins into different categories as below:

Speed Booster Plugins

Although website loading speed depends a lot on Web Hosting Service. But it is not quite sufficient to speed up the website speed. 

Load Speed directly affects your rank on the search engine. That’s why there are many third-party plugins are available to speed uploading. 

These speed booster plugins use page caching, Static file compression, and other techniques to drastically decrease your site loading time. 

Subscription Plugins

These plugins are used to collect email addresses and contact details of the site visiter. These plugins can help generate organic leads through email marketing. 

These email subscriptions work wonderfully with integrated marketing platforms like MailChimp.

Plugin for affiliate Marketing and e-Commerce

As the heading suggests, these plugins are specially meant for e-commerce and affiliate marketing. 

One can design its own e-store by using a plugin like Woo-commerce or promote other products to get an affiliate commission.

SEO Plugins

SEO plugins help to get rank on SERP and to drive organic traffic towards your website. These SEO plugins do find keywords, On-page SEO, meta description, SEO content writing, recommendations for paragraph length, sentences, keyphrases, and many more.

WordPress Plugin for Analytics

Everyone wants to know about the growth, performance, and direction of there web product. This critical data helps webmasters to make the right tactics, strategies, and marketing decisions.

These plugins like Google Analytics give you a trustworthy source of user information and behavior. You can check your website performance, Speed, traffic source, location wise source, etc directly on your page.

Landing Page Plugins

A landing page is a must to get more sales leads from content marketing, email marketing, or any other marketing methods. These play a crucial role in converting traffic into buyers. It convinces a website visitor either to signup for newsletter subscription or to make a purchase on your website.

There are plenty of landing page plugins which can help you to create a classy landing page without any hurdle.

Social Media Sharing Plugins

Almost every website owner uses different social media platforms for their publicity and to get traffic through these platforms. Social media can divert huge organic traffic to your website.

In WordPress, many social media plugins are available which not only to share your post or products but also make your website attractive by using different floating / static social media buttons on your page.

How to install Plugins in WordPress

Login to your WordPress account.

Click on Plugins placed on vertical WP Dashboard on your left side and then click on  ‘Add New’

How to Install WordPress Plugin for blog

Type the keyword for the required plugin in Search Box

Yoast SEO Plugin for WordPress

Click on Install now button on your desired plugin.

After installation ‘Activate’ the plugin and do the plugin setting as per your need.

Popular Plugins for WordPress

WP Super Cache and WP Rocket Plugins

WP Super Cache is a free WordPress Plugin provided by the community. This plugin generates static HTML files from your dynamic WordPress blog. After an HTML file is generated your webserver will serve that file instead of processing the comparatively heavier and more expensive WordPress PHP scripts.

How to install WP Super Cache Plugin?

Alternate of WP Super Cache plugin is WP Rocket which is a paid tool and offers some more additional features compared to WP Super Cache.

Akismet Anti-Spam

As the name suggests, the Akismet Anti-Spam plugin protects your blog for any spamming activity. Akismet has affordable pricing slab as per users’ needs.

Yoast SEO Plugin for WordPress

Another popular WP plugin for SEO techniques. It’s a free plugin and useful for beginners. You can upgrade this plugin any time for more advanced features.

This is recommended plugin for blog in WordPress for free.

Convertkit for email marketing and leads

If you are looking for email marketing and want the deep reach of your blog or products, go for Convertkit. This plugin collect email address form visitor who subscribe to your blog. It works wonderfully with an integrated marketing platform like Mailchimp.

Alternate of this plugin is Convertful which is similar to Convertkit. Both plugins are free plugin up to 1000 user limit. 

Elementor Page builder Plugin in WordPress

Useful Plugin for creating a landing page for your website or blog. Studies show that sites that have quality landing pages having higher conversion ratios. So go for Elementor page builder if you really need of landing page for your blog or website.

AffiliateWP for WordPress

This plugin is specially programmed for affiliate marketers. AffiliatteWP helps your site in SEO and higher ranking on search pages. A higher ranking means higher traffic and higher conversion.

This plugin elegant affiliate tracking for WordPress to tracks all your affiliate needs. But these feature-packed plugins come with a starting plan of $99.

If your website works on affiliate marketing then you should try your hands on this plugin. 


Personally I like Grammarly plugin effective writing tools for my all projects. We use this as a Web browser (Chrome) plugin which not only helps in WP but in all writing like email, MS word, essay writing for schoolwork, professional writing, and all like platforms.

This free tool suggests spelling, grammar, punctuation, consistency, and many more for paid plans.

Grammarly Chrome Extension is free to download and easy to integrate with chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Explorer, etc.

Plan, Write and Analyze Content in One Place” target=”_blank” aria-label=”undefined (opens in a new tab)” rel=”noreferrer noopener”>A

The SEMrush SEO Writing Assistant provides instant recommendations for content optimization based on the qualities of Google’s top 10-ranking pages for your given keywords in a given location. 

Content professionals, bloggers, and marketing experts can check if their texts or the texts of external writers meet various content-quality requirements in just a few clicks.


This provides Overall score, Readability score, Target keywords, Recommended keywords, Tone of voice, Plagiarism checker, Linking of your content.

SEMrush Writing assistant tool also can be integrated into your Google Doc as add-ons.

The sky is the Limit, we just give an overview of some WordPress plugins. There are lots of user-specific plugins are available in WP. Feel free for your valuable suggestions and feedback for any improvement and modification in the content. If you like content, do subscribe to the email newsletter.

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