How to make online money from Substack?

Substack for writers

Today everyone is looking for online money due to the current pandemic situation. If you have the ability and passion for any idea, there is online work and handsome online money is waiting for you.

Many online money makers earning online through freelancing sites (like,,, through blogging, through online selling products or courses, and even through Social media platforms.

There is one more idea for making online money from Substack. If you have good writing capability, you can make online money from Substack. Go through this Substack guide for Substack tips and tricks.

What is Substack?

Substack is an email list platform that was founded in 2017. Since its launch, Substack has quickly drawn attention from the media industry for its potential to launch a new business model for writers.

Substack believe that writers, bloggers, thinkers, and creatives of every background should be able to pursue their curiosity, generating income directly from their own audiences and on their own terms.

How writers earn money from Substack?

Substack business modal works on selling email subscription methods. If any reader makes a paid subscription to your writing, Substrack collects fees from the subscriber and paid to the writer after deducting 10% of commissions.

You don’t need any separate website or blogging platform to write a post on Substack. Substack provided a variety of writing tools to enrich your content. 

Even if you already have any website or blog you can easily switch to Substack. Import your publication by pasting your URL on Sobstack.

How to make online money from Substack?

Substack support imports from Mailchimp, WordPress, Tinyletter, Revue, Medium, and even some custom web pages.

How to make online money from Substack?

Simply Sign up to and create a free Substack account.

how to create free Substack account
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Build your email list

Start publishing on Substack using simple, beautiful tools that make your words stand out. You can import your existing email subscribers to the Substack platform.

Add paid subscriptions. 

Connect your bank account details to get a payout and select a price for your writing subscriptions. Also, you can decide your Content as FREE or PAID during publishing the content.

Start Writing on Substack

Choose a Title/ Niche and URL of your choice. Choose a subdomain that’s easy to say, spell, and remember. Ideally, your publication title and URL are similar to avoid confusion.

For example:

You can change your title and name later on also during Account Setting.

Select a Logo

A logo gives you an easily recognizable identity. So choose a logo that defines or closer to your content. Many free sites are available to make a free logo. Also, you can hire freelancer services for a professional logo.

Some Attribution Work

Write a Short description to make a general tagline for your page.

Write About Yourself. To build mutual faith with your subscriber it is a good practice to write something About yourself.

On Page SEO. Do some basic on page SEO within your page and posts. 

Now start making money by writing quality content for your subscriber and build a strong community. Use Substak community features to build a deeper relationship with your readers.

Who can join Substack?

Anyone can join Substack who is willing and dedicated to quality writing and has ability to develop a strong community base.

Earning potential of Substack

The best way to start a paid newsletter is to first build an audience for your work. Not all of your readers will pay, but not all of them have to. If you’re able to convert 5-10% of your email list to paying subscribers, you’re well on your way.

Earning potential of Substack

Publishing is free, forever. We only make money when you do. Once you add paid subscriptions, we charge 10%. There’s also a credit card fee charged by our payments provider.

Earning potential depends on you and your growing subscribers.

Salient Features of Substack Guide

  • It is a free email listing platform.
  • You can publish a mix of free and paid content. Each time you publish a post, you can decide whether to make it free for everyone, or only for paying subscribers.
  • You can add multiple contributors to your publication.
  • it’s possible to have more than one newsletter associated with your account.
  • You can import your mailing list from anywhere else – just save it as a .csv file.
  • You can import your archives from Mailchimp, WordPress, TinyLetter, Revue, Medium, or any website with an RSS feed.
  • Payments usually arrive in your bank account within 48 hours of each transaction. Substack takes a 10% fee on all paid subscriptions. They never run ads or sell user data.
  • Substack is entirely focused on subscriptions, so they don’t build any additional functionality to support affiliate links or advertising, but you are free to use the affiliate links on Substack.

All digital platforms have huge online earning potential. Your success on these platforms depends on your ability to develop your own brand and cultivate a loyal audience.

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