How to choose the correct Domain Name?

Correct Domain Name

A domain name represents your website’s address on the world wide web. A domain name is unique for a website or blog. The domain name is very important to describe your website and consists of two fractions. The first is “Domain Name” and the second one is its “Extension”. In this article we’ll try to give basic of the domain name which shell be useful for selection of correct domain name for your website.

Parts of Domain Name

Domain Name Check Points

Getting a good and responsive and correct domain name is a basic requirement for starting a website. There are some points which should be kept in mind while purchasing a Domain Name:-

Point #1 – Choose a website name which will be your name, if required. If you are making a Personal Website or you want to brand your name than domain should be like <yourname>.com.  Our name FACEBOOK.COM is basically branding because there’s no generic keyword string like which will be hard to memorize where the – is found. If your brand doesn’t have numbers don’t purchase a website with numbers because there’s no brand matching from the user perspective. for instance,

If You are creating a professional or business website then your domain name should match your company or business name. For example if you see, you can easily learn about the type of website.

Point #2 – If you’ve got the financial possibilities, then you’ll purchase domains with various extensions like .com, .net, .info, .biz, etc. In our case, it might be like,, networkbusiness .biz. There are domains that are misspelled like an identical case is If you write one to’ is missing, but still it’ll redirect you to the official website

Point # 3 – you want to make sure that this name isn’t a trademark or is copyrighted. this might cause a significant offence even when your website is matured and adult . you’ll face heave penalties for violations of copyright issues.

Point # 4 – Find a brief name. The lesser the characters during a name, the better it’s to type, to say, to share and to urge shortlisted on social media platforms and in search results.

Point # 5 – Extensions are suffixes, such as .com or .net, at the top of the online addresses. These can have a specific use, so ensure to settle on an extension that works for your business. The .com domain extension is far and away from the foremost popular, but it is often tough to urge a brief and memorable .com name because it’s around for therefore long and if available they’re very costly. If your webpage is serving locally, then you’ll pip out with the suffix of your country.

Point # 6 – If your name isn’t going by the name, then a minimum of you ought to use specific keywords which describes your

Types of Domain Name Extensions

Top Level Domain (TLD) – These top level domains include any extensions which contain just one suffix — for instance , .net, .info, .biz then on.

Second Level Domains (2LDs) are domain names containing another level after the .com or .co suffix. for instance , may be a second level domain style because it contains a further suffix after the .com that shows the web site originates in India.

A gTLD may be a Generic Top-Level Domain and includes addresses like .marketing, .estate, .fashion and .photography. this is often a booming segment which is extremely popular recently and there’s an enormous range to settle on from, whatever your industry!

Country Code Top-Level (CcTLDs) are Domains which are usually restricted to certain countries. These are domains like .in, .au, .uk, .ae, .us, etc.

Meanings of Extensions

Extension also features a meaning. The meanings of some top-level domains are listed as follows –

  • .com – commercial – This is an open TLD; a person or entity is permitted to register and it’s always the most popular TLD.
  •  .org – organization – this is also an open TLD; a person or entity is permitted to register. Initially it was intended for use of non-profit organizations. But as of now, there are not any such restrictions and therefore the .org name is getting used by numerous organizations.
  •  .net — network – this is often an open TLD; it had been originally intended to be used by domains pointing to a distributed network of computers.
  •  .edu — education – This TLD is restricted to specific higher education institutions like, but not limited to, trade schools and universities.
  •  .mil – Military – The .mil TLD is restricted to use by the US military.
  •  .arpa – Address and routing – it’s for Advanced Research Projects Agency within the youth on the web, .arpa is now exclusively used as an online infrastructure T LD


Subdomains are extensions of name that you simply can forward to URLs or point to IP addresses and directories within the hosting account or different servers. Subdomains function separately from your main domain. we will create areas of an internet site by using subdomains. For example you’ll create a subdomain for a blog on site called “Blog” that’s accessible through the URL – additionally to the already existing www. /blog. we will add endless subdomains per name in theory. We can also add multiple levels of subdomains.

After purchasing Domain name next step is getting a suitable hosting plan as per your requirement. We hope this article helps you to get best and correct domain name. Please share and comment below for your valuable suggestions and feedback to make things better. Thanks for reading.

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