7 Facebook Online Money Earning tips in 2020

7 Facebook Online Money Earning tips in 2020

Every Facebook user always wants to know Facebook Online Money Earning tips in 2020 to make passive income from home.

Nowadays we spend lots of time on social media like Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Tiktok, Twitter, and many more social sites just to upload selfie, locations, feelings, birthdays. We are eager to know about the number of Likes, Hearts, comments. Is’nt it?

But many of us don’t know about making money from Facebook. Today we’ll discuss money generation tips form Facebook to earn money with fun.

Facebook has over 2.6 billion monthly active users as of the first quarter of 2020, and spend an average of 144 minutes per day in 2019. As of April 2020, India, India ranks first in terms of Facebook user base size.

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Today most of the users spending their precious time on Facebook just for sharing pictures, activities, places, and more.

But some smart users using Facebook wisely to earn money online with fun. One interesting part of Facebook earning is that you need not have any specific technical skills, qualifications, no need for any investment, etc.

Now, do you have questions like “how to earn money from Facebook?” , “how to earn money from Facebook page likes”, “tips to earn money from Facebook videos”, “how to earn money from Facebook ads” etc
If YES, go through the article carefully to learn Facebook monetization methods.

What do you need?

First – Create a Facebook Account

It can assume easily that every smartphone user definitely has a Facebook account. But if you still don’t have a Facebook account, go to www.facebook.com and simply sign up by filling your details. Now follow instructions like profile photo, creating posts, friend requests, etc.

Now you are ready to interact with the world through Facebook. Find your old school friends, colleagues, new peoples from different parts of the globe. Make them friends. Start sharing Texts, Photos, Videos, Locations, Feelings, Places, and many more.

Second – Create a Facebook Page

Now Log in to your Facebook profile and create a Facebook PAGE for making money from Facebook page. Page creation is the second most important and basic step towards Facebook Money Earning tips in 2020.

Facebook page is a specific public profile created for celebrities, brands, different businesses, organizations, etc. In your Facebook profile, you need to make friends for interactions but on a Facebook page you don’t have FRIENDS, You have FOLLOWERS/FANS through the page “LIKE”.

You can monetize the Facebook page free of cost without any investment. Make your page alive and responsive.

Now customize your page through Simple steps like Page name, Profile Picture as per Niche or topic, Cover photo as banner, Website address (If any), Contact information, privacy setting, etc to make your page-specific, easily discoverable and meaning full.

To earn money from the Facebook page, you need to grow your page by posting regular posts and interacting with visitors.

Peoples love to share funny, humorous, creative posts with their friends. So make posts engaging as per your niche.

Sharing your page and posts by your follower increase your page likes many folds organically. More audience implies more earning from your Facebook page.

Third Create Facebook Groups

To earn money from Facebook Group, you should create Facebook Groups to earn money from Facebook without any investment.

Facebook Groups are Community Forums slightly different from Facebook Pages. As per Facebook “ Facebook Groups are the place for small group communication and for people to share their common interests and express their opinion. Groups allow people to come together around a common cause, issue or activity to organize, express objectives, discuss issues, post photos, and share related content.”

Groups can be managed by an ADMIN, who set some rules to join the group, approval of posts, etc. Facebook groups for businesses have great potential to earn money from Facebook groups in 2020.

How To earn from Facebook Group?

First grow your group audience organically by regular and interesting post, interection with group members.

Monetize Facebook group by posting paid advertisements.

By selling your products.

Third party paid promotions.

“Get paid per post click” paid service to promote any blog, YouTube channel.

You can charge membership fees from every new member who wants to join your group.

FourthThe NUMBERS.

This is most important for any activity for web economics. Everything depends on these numbers e.g. the number of Likes, Followers, video visitors, the number of traffic on your website, your Youtube channel, on your affiliate link, etc depends only on Numbers.

Whole digital marketing strategy on all platforms (Facebook, Blog, YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, Whatsapp Groups, Telegram, etc) are based on these numbers only. Increase your numbers in terms of traffic to earn money online from home. A high number of traffic means huge unlimited facebook earning.

Initially, you can promote your page or groups by some “Facebook Like for Like”, “Promote You page for Free” like groups. You like another persons’ page, in return He/She like back your page or group. This is good for increasing the initial following or likes.

As you post quality content or posts regularly on your page or group, it’ll start to grow organically. If you are growing than Facebook may promote your page by showing in suggestions that make easy choices for new users.

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Follow strict vigil on the post promoting nudity, hate, violence, or any other activity that breaks Facebook Guidelines. Negative posts may affect your audience.

Try every correct possible way to grow your page or group.

How to earn money from Facebook without investment??

Yeah! Now, this is the main focussed topic in 2020, as most of the peoples are locked down due to COVID-19. Everybody is looking for alternate passive income during their spare time. Here is the “to the Point” tips to earn money online from Facebook.

Online Facebook earning from home

Tip #1 – Earning from Facebook Videos

Facebook allows users to create videos and earn money by these videos through ad monetization similar to “AdSense on Youtube”. Facebook video monetization growing rapidly among content creators.

Peoples are migrating to Facebook due to higher reach, higher CPM and easy payments, etc. Facebook places In-stream ads automatically within your videos without breaking the rhythm of the video theme

Eligibility to Earn Facebook Money from videos.

  • You should be above 18 years of age.
  • you Should have a business page (Not personal profile) with great numbers of Like and Followers ( Minimum 10000 likes for elligibility).
  • your Page can earn if you are following Partner Monetisation Policy.
  • You must generate at least 30,000, 1-minute views on videos that are at least three minutes long in the last 60 days.
  • Check your page monetization eligibility by the Facebook Creator Studio tool.
  • Go to Creator Studio.
    On the left, click the Monetisation tab.
    Select the Page you want to check.
    Click Apply.
    You will be taken to the Monetisation Eligibility Checker, where you can see and review your status.
    Green: Congratulations! Your Page is ready to earn money.
    Yellow: Your Page has a few issues that may be affecting its ability to earn money.
    Red: Your Page has serious issues. You cannot use this Page to earn money at this time.
  • One more condition is that you should live in a country where Facebook allows video monetization.
  • You should have original Videos free from copyright issues, abusive, nudity, hatred content, and many more as per Facebook guidelines.

Tip #2 -Instant Articles

Facebook instant article money earning

You can also generate Facebook Online Money Earning by facebook monetization of your articles.

Generally, we post two types of articles on our page, first is like we just share the link of any article on our page. Visitor clicks this link and diverted to the website link through a default web browser. Here you are not getting any money through these General Articles
Second is, we share any own article link on our page and if a visitor clicks these links, the link will open instantly within Facebook.

These are called instant articles. Before earning from instant articles you need to get approval from Facebook. If you have an approved instant article account then Facebook lets you earn by placing their ads automatically within your content.

If you already have AdSense approval on your original website, Facebook blocks these ads on the instant article and display Facebook govern ads. Hence from one article, you can earn money two ways if from Adsence (on the website) and from Facebook (on your page through the instant article).

The main task is to get Insta Article approval. Facebook instant articles eligibility is as below:-

  • For any type of Facebook monetization through ads, One should follow the Community Standards policy strictly.
  • Individual must have the right to post their original content who never violate anyone else’s intellectual property. You should have fair and quality content on your original website which attracts organic traffic.
  • Follow Facebook Content Monetisation Policy
  • As stated earlier, one should be 18 years old and have a business page that has at least 10000 Likes or followers.
    5 Check your page eligibility fro Facebook Creator Studio as stated above.

Tip #3 -Promote Affiliate Marketing

The above 2 methods of making money are generating revenue from Facebook Ads monetization only. To get Facebook monetization approval, you have to follow certain conditions like the number of likes, content, videos, policy matters, etc to generate facebook earnings.

But if you have a page or a group, you still can earn money through the promotion of affiliate marketing links like amazon affiliate, Flipkart, or any other affiliate program. You can promote your approved affiliate links through your page or groups.

You can run your affiliate campaigns by posting creative posts on the Facebook page or group (Other Facebook groups also). The main motive is to divert your page audience as traffic towards the merchant store by using Influencer Marketing techniques.

If any visitor (who diverted through your affiliate link) makes any purchase on store or service, you earn money as a commissioned fixed to product or service. Higher your page/group audience then higher the click on your affiliate links which result in higher affiliate program revenue.

This facebook money-making trick works very effectively as sometimes you need not have a website, certain number Likes on your own pages or groups (as you can share posts having affiliate links to other groups also).


Tip #4 -Third Party Business Promotion

This is also a part of Influencer Marketing much similar to Affiliate marketing. Many businesses may approach you for paid promotions of their products.

If you have a large audience on your page or group and you are an influencer, you can influence your audience by giving reviews of the product or services through publishing content and related video on your page or group.

For such type of earning from third party promotions, you don’t need any ads approval, affiliate approval, etc. You need only the Number of Audience who turns in customer to your client after your promotions. In return, you may earn a fixed amount from the client or campaign promoter.

Tip #5 – Selling Your Own Products

If you have your own product to sell then you can promote and sell your products (like apparel, fashion products, digital products, ebooks, food products etc.) on Facebook page or group to earn money with the help of the Facebook platform.

There are many tools for digital marketing to promote your brand or products. You can write about your product or services, make videos, place products on Facebook marketplaces, go for live sessions for quick responses. Facebook ads give the opportunity to make sales funnels directed to your business.

To grow your audience into customer you can directly take help from paid Facebook Ads. These Facebook ads give a huge and quick response to boost your sale.

You need to has quality products, on-time delivery, customer service, etc to build your customer’s trust in your products.

Make these customers regular customers by providing good services and products There are many freelancer services available in the market which helps to grow page likes, paid digital marketing at various social platforms in a cost-effective way by digital marketing.

Tip #6 – Selling Like and Comments.

This is also another method to earn from Facebook Online Money Earning in 2020 by selling your likes or comments. Some digital marketers offer paid services to their customers to increase Like and followers on Facebook Page or Group.

You can join such a campaign to like pages and groups. But this, not a guaranteed, promising, and long-lasting proven way to earn from Facebook. You may see many posts in different groups selling 1000 Likes for $2. Sometimes such promotions seem to be cheap money scams.

Tip #7 – App Monetization

If you have a quality app then Facebook Audience Network gives you the opportunity to earn Facebook Online Money Earning in 2020.

This is similar to the Googles Ad Mob monetization platform. Here if you have an App you should log in to the Facebook Audience Network account. After approval of your account, Facebook displays their ads on your App.

Facebook Audience Network lets advertisers feed ads to Facebook, third-party apps, and mobile web, thus increasing advertiser reach. Facebook Audience Network publishes ads within your app as a banner, image, etc related to your app niche. (like Games, Food product, Digital service provides, etc) Your total revenue depends on eCPM and Impressions.

eCPM stands for “effective Cost Per 1000” impressions and is a standard measure of revenue. CPM is varied for different factors like user location and ad format etc. Higher CPM means higher revenue.
Impressions are the total number of times the ad is seen by the App user. Publishers make money based on impressions.


facebook audience network tutorial
Facebook Audiance Network

Facebook Audience Manager is emerging rapidly within the App developers because of its higher revenue modal compared to AdMob.

If you want to know more about How to Create an App, How to Publish an App, How to Monetise etc, comparison between Facebook audience network Vs AdMob, comment below. If you may take help from a professional freelancer App developer and give rocket start to Facebook Online Money Earning.

This is a comprehensive article about Facebook Online Money Earning in 2020 We’ll keep updating this information from time to time and as per your comments. Do subscribe to our free email subscription for the latest articles.

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